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Refurbished Laptop Wholesale

When the laptop becomes old, it is often returned by a customer to the retailer or a manufacturer. Then, the manufacturer opens the laptop and restores or rebuilds it to resell it. Such a product is known as a refurbished laptop. Naturally, these laptops are cheaper as compared to the new laptops. Thus, the demand for these laptops is high. It is for this reason we recommend you to stock refurbished laptops for bulk sales. As these laptops are popular among customers, you will not have to make an extra effort to boost their sales.

Types of processors

We source refurbished laptops from refurbished laptops manufacturers India. So, on our online marketplace, you will come across laptops with different kinds of processors. Some of these include:

• Intel Core i3

• Intel Core i5

• Intel Core i3 7th Generation

• Intel Core i3 6th Generation

• Intel Core i5 7th Generation

• Intel Core i3 8th Generation

• Intel Core i7 8th Generation

We recommend you to buy refurbished laptops in bulk with all of these processors. As these are the top-selling laptop processors, it will better your chances of sales.

Country of origin

Usually, when we procure the refurbished laptops, we do it directly from refurbished laptop dealers near me. However, at times, we even source these products from dealers located in China. However, irrespective of which location we procure the products from, we aim to provide you with top quality laptops at the best prices.


You can find refurbished laptops from top brands like HP and Lenovo on our online marketplace.

Why you should shop from udaan

As a responsible B2B platform, our objective is to solve the core trade problems faced by small, medium and large businesses. You can shop for wholesale refurbished laptops from us because with us you can find a wide variety at the best prices. All refurbished laptops are available for sale on our mobile app and website. We can help you finance your bulk orders with our credit facility. At all times, your payments are secure with us. We even offer hassle-free logistics. Regardless of where you order from, we will always provide you with quick doorstep delivery. If there is any problem with the delivered products, you can send them back to us with our ‘easy returns’ policy.

Refurbished Laptop