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Packaged Water Wholesale

Today, regardless of where you go, carrying a bottle of packaged drinking water or mineral water is a necessity. Water has always been an essential need for human survival. Unfiltered water can pose a threat to our health as it may contain several bacteria and germs. Consumption of unhealthy water can increase the likelihood of developing serious diseases such as liver infections and jaundice.

This is why the demand for packaging drinking water is on the rise. To cater to this demand, as a retailer or shopkeeper, you should stock packaged drinking water in bulk. You would never need to make an effort to increase sales because customers buy packaged drinking water daily to stay healthy and quench their thirst.

Brands you can find on udaan

Some of the top brands of packaged drinking water on wholesale that you can find on udaan’s website or mobile application include:

• Bisleri

• Kingfisher

• Kinley

• Aquafina

• Pabitra

• Nice Aqua

• Once More

• Oxy Drip

• Aqua Green

• Bailley

• Jal

• Once More

• Parle

• Pumpish


Quantities of packaged water available on udaan

With us, you can avail of:

• 1 ltr packaged water at wholesale price

• 200 ml packaged drinking water wholesale price

• 2 Litre packaged drinking water

• 500 ml packaged drinking water

• 300 ml packaged drinking water

• 5 Litre packaged drinking water

We recommend stocking drinking water in all these available quantities. Often, students who have no access to clean drinking water usually require larger quantities. On the other hand, households might have different preferences in quantities. So, stock variants to meet every kind of customer demand.

Why you should buy from udaan

On udaan’s website or mobile application, you can shop for different quantities of packaged drinking water, such as 200 ml packaged drinking water in bulk, at the best prices. Our bulk 100 ml packaged drinking water price as well as the other quantity prices are affordable because we source products directly from manufacturers. We pass on this benefit of low prices to you, which helps you offer better rates to your customers. Shopkeepers or retailers who need to make bulk purchases can use udaan's credit facility. We also offer solutions to core trade problems for small, medium and large businesses. Regardless of which part of India you order from, you can enjoy quick doorstep delivery. You can also avail of easy returns if the ordered product does not meet your expectations.

Packaged Water