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Motherboard Wholesale

The motherboard is the central circuit board of the computer. It is also known as the logic board or the mainboard. When the computer is popped open, the biggest piece of silicon that is visible is the motherboard. The memory RAM expansion slots, ROM, CPU, USB ports and the PCI slots are attached to the motherboard. This board also comprises controllers for the DVD drive, hard drive, mouse and the keyboard. In short, it is the motherboard, which makes everything in a computer work together.

A motherboard has a collection of controllers and chips, which are known as the chipset. When new motherboards are developed, they utilize the latest chipsets. A computer cannot function without its motherboard. Thus, for anyone who has a desktop will need a motherboard. Hence, the popularity of the motherboard is high. So, as a retailer, it is advisable for you to stock motherboard wholesale in bulk. As motherboard has a good demand among customers, you will not have to take an additional effort to boost their sales.

Country of origin

Usually, when we procure the motherboards, we do it directly from the motherboard wholesale dealers, brands, manufacturers or the suppliers in India. However, at times, we even source the motherboards from outside India. If we acquire the motherboards from abroad, we do it from China.

What is it designed for?

At udaan’s marketplace, we wholesale computer motherboards, which are ideal for the desktop.


When we procure the computer motherboard wholesale in large quantities, we do it from all the top brands. It helps us offer you a variety of options. Some of the top-selling brands on our online marketplace are:

• Zebronics

• Maxsonic

• Foxin

As these are the brands, which are usually shopped by the customers, it is recommended to stock them at your store. It will increase your chances of a sale.

Why you should shop from udaan

You can shop for motherboards wholesale in high volumes from us because we offer you a varied range at competitive costs. All our products are listed for shopping on our mobile app and website. If you need help in financing your order, we can support you with an easy credit facility. We ship products across India. So, whatever you order, you will always get quick doorstep delivery.