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Selfie Stick Wholesale

Gone are the days when people would take turns being the photographer for a group picture. With the popularity of selfies came the selfie sticks. A selfie stick allows you to capture beautiful pictures by just holding your phone at a distance with the use of this helpful attachment rod. Also, as a lot of people like travelling solo, the demand of selfie sticks is only increasing every day.

We understand the high demand and popularity of selfie sticks in India. For this reason, we procure selfie sticks directly from brands and manufacturers. We recommend stocking them in bulk. You will never have to make an additional effort to increase the sales of this popular mobile accessory.

Brands available

When we source selfie sticks in bulk, we procure them from top-selling brands. Some of the most popular brands that you can shop with us are:

• 4

• Aerojoy

• Candytech

• Digimate

• EcoTel

• Extra

• M-Signature

• MacZee

• Nine9

• Mini

• Rico

• Sanitizer

• Selfie

We recommend including products from all these brands to improve your chances of sales.

Countries of origin

On udaan, you can find selfie sticks not only from India but also those sourced from other countries. In most cases, we source cheap selfie sticks in bulk from Indian manufacturers, brands, wholesalers and white labels. However, we also import selfie sticks from other countries. So, you can find products from countries like China, too.

Types of selfie sticks

When we procure selfie sticks wholesale in bulk, we ensure to source all the available types of sticks. What makes selfie sticks different is their extended length. So, with us, you can find selfie sticks in varying sizes, such as:

• 150 mm

• 700 mm

• 750 mm

• 810 mm

• 963 mm

• 1005 mm

• 600 mm

Why you should shop from udaan

Shop for selfie sticks in bulk from udaan to benefit from premium-quality selfie sticks at the best prices. It is easy for you to shop from udaan’s mobile application or website at the touch of a button. Our interface is simple and assures a one-click shopping experience. At all times, we guarantee hassle-free logistics, and with us your digital payments are secure. We ship products across India. So, regardless of where you reside in the country, we ensure quick doorstep delivery. If there is any problem with the delivered product, you can return it using our easy returns policy.

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