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Laptops Wholesale

Today, laptops are the preferred choice among customers, even more so than desktop computers. The main reason for this is that they offer the same functionality as computers, but they are more compact and portable. So, in India, the demand and popularity of laptops are high, especially among students and business professionals. So, as a retailer or shopkeeper, we recommend purchasing laptops in bulk from us.

As we source models directly from laptop wholesale suppliers, you will be able to avail of top-quality laptops at industry-best prices. Owing to their high demand, you will never have to make any extra efforts to sell them.

Types of processors

On udaan, you can find many types of processor in the laptops category. So, when you shop for laptops wholesale from udaan, you can find models with the latest, efficient and innovative processors, such as:

• Intel Core i5

• Intel Core i7

• Intel Core i5 10th Generation

• Intel Core i3

• Intel Core i7 - 1065G7

• Intel Core i3 8th Gen

• Intel Core i5 8th Gen

• Intel Core TM i5 - 8265U

• Intel Core i5 - 1035G7

We recommend stocking wholesale laptop computers with all of these processors. As these are the most-demanded processors, your chances of making a sale will improve.

Brands available

When we procure laptop wholesale near me, we source laptops from top and reputed brands such as:

• HP

• Microsoft

• Lenovo

• Dell

• Acer

• Apple

• Avita Asus

These are some of the most recognized and popular brands in the market. So, when you stock these brands at your store, you will be able to offer your customers a wide selection.

Why you should shop from udaan

We source laptops directly from the wholesale laptop market. So, with us, you will always get premium-quality laptops at the best prices. All our products are listed for shopping on both our mobile application and website. So, with just the click of a button, you can shop for all our laptop wholesale online. If you need to make laptop bulk purchases, we can help you with our convenient credit facility. At all times, your digital payments for bulk laptops will be safe and secure. We even provide hassle-free logistics support. Regardless of what you order, we ensure quick doorstep delivery. If there is any problem with the delivered product, you can return it using our easy returns policy.

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