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Liquid/Powder Detergent Wholesale

Detergents are helpful in removing dirt, stains and germs that are trapped in our clothes. They also help to maintain the quality of the material, in term of both fabric strength and fabric colour. So, detergents are a necessity in every household.

You should order bulk laundry detergent near me to meet the demand among customers. As this is an essential product used daily, you would never have to put in additional efforts to sell detergents. In India, customers buy laundry detergents for their various benefits. There is a steady demand for them. So, stocking them in bulk would be a good idea.

Types of detergents

Customers in India have different preferences. So, you should stock all available variants in detergents. Some of the popular variants include:

• Detergent powder

• Detergent bar

• Liquid detergent

• Fabric conditioner

Brands of detergents

Some of the top brands of detergents that are hugely popular amongst the customers are listed below. Stock these brands from laundry detergent wholesale suppliers to meet the demand amongst the customers:

• Surf Excel

• Tide

• Rin

• Ariel

• Ghadi

• Godrej

• Fena

• Wheel

• Comfort

• Active

• Dettol

• Diamond

Why you should buy from udaan

udaan is a B2B e-commerce platform where you can find wholesale washing detergent at the best prices. Our prices are low because we source products directly from manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, and white labels, among others. So, when we procure products at low cost, we pass on this benefit to you, helping you offer good pricing to your customers. We also facilitate convenient and efficient transactions by providing a wide selection to shopkeepers and retailers. udaan aims to help small, medium, and large businesses with solutions to their core trade problems. So, we extend logistics support as well.

Best bulk laundry detergents are available on both our mobile application and website. So, with just a click of a button, you can place bulk orders. We also offer a credit facility to help you finance your orders. Moreover, we ensure doorstep delivery. So, regardless of your location, you can place your order for liquid detergent wholesale, and we will deliver it to you quickly. Should the order not match your expectations, you can avail of our easy returns policy.

Liquid / Powder Detergent & Soap