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DVR Wholesale

DVR, or Digital Video Recorder, is similar to a VCR, which employs a hard drive instead of a videotape. A lot of people in India use DVRs to record, save or playback television programs. So, unlike a Video Cassette Recorder, a DVR lets you pause live TV by recording your ongoing favourite show. The best part? In a DVR, a user gets to fast-forward during commercials.

Because of this reason and more, the use of DVR is high in an Indian household. So, as a retailer or shopkeeper, you should stock DVR camera wholesale in bulk. Owing to their high demand, you will never have to make additional efforts to increase the sales of these recorders.

Types of brands available

When we source digital camera wholesale from manufacturers, wholesalers, brands or importers, we procure them from all the prominent and top-selling brands. This ensures that as retailers and shopkeepers you can offer a wide range to your customer. Some of the renowned brands that are highly demanded by the customers are:

• Hikvision

• Gvision

• Metro Mart India

• Wecam

• Cp Plus

• Velocity

Hard disk size

Customers usually have different storage requirements. So, we aspire to give them everything that they need. This is the reason why we procure DVR wholesale in almost every disk size. We recommend you to do the same. It will help improve your chances of making a sale. Some of the top disk sizes that you can find on udaan are:

• 4 TB

• 1 TB

• 2 B

• 8 TB

Why you should shop from udaan

You should shop for DVR wholesale from us because with udaan you can get a wide variety of DVRs at the best prices. You can buy DVRs with just a click of a button using either our website or mobile application. Furthermore, if you are a small business seeking to make bulk purchases, but financing is a hassle, you need not stress. With us, you can avail of a convenient credit facility to finance your orders. We ship all our products across India. So, regardless of where you reside in the country, we ensure quick doorstep delivery. Also, if there is an issue with the delivered product, you can return it using our easy returns policy.

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DVR - Digital Video Recorder