Sell On-Udaan

Why Sell on Udaan?

Easy Registration & On-Boarding

Start to sell on Udaan in a matter of few clicks. We only capture the bare minimum details required and you are up and running.

Ease of Catalog Creation

Through our tools, we provide seamless creation of catalog on the Udaan platform - whether it is standard branded products or your own products

Trade Constructs

Support for the commonly used trade constructs in the industry - whether it is around basket-size minimum order quantities, assortment creation, payment terms etc. new products etc


Best in class logistics through our partners. Convenient timings and cut-off, packaging expertise, professional handling of goods in transit, compliance handling and visibility of your items throughout the value chain


Secure payments via nodal accounts run as per RBI guidelines. Settlements with best in class terms of trade with availability of faster settlement cycles as well.

Compliance & Accounting

Support for your taxation, accounting and reconciliation through easy and intuitive reports and integration with your existing IT systems


Returns only as per seller policies. Faster movement to source for returns.

Insights & Analytics

Integrated analytics providing you insights around sales, returns, inventory and other aspects of business.

Round the Clock Seller Support

24 hours seller support to address your queries.

Professional Expertise & Guidance

Highly trained professional expertise available to address all aspects of your business.

Easy Availability of Credit

Easy availability of credit to help manage your working capital needs

Opening your business to a wide class of users

Opening new avenues for your business cutting cross segments like government. trade. large enterprises, associations and new geographies.