Udaan Rto-Policy-12-June-2020

Last Updated on 12th June 2020

Applicable from 12th June 2020

The Terms of Use, as effective from 00:00 hours on 1st October 2020, are available here.

RTO Policy for Sellers

This RTO Policy (" Policy") is applicable to such Shipment dispatched by the Seller (hereinafter referred to as " you") which is undelivered to the Buyer by Hiveloop Logistics Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as ' HLPL'/ ' we'/ ' us' etc.) or our third party logistics partner.

Any capitalized terms used herein this Policy and not explicitly defined shall have the meaning as defined in the Terms.

I. Delivery of Shipment to Buyer:

  1. We will attempt to deliver the shipment to the Buyer for a maximum of 4 attempts. However, in case of one of the following reasons the number of attempts will be less than three:

    1. Buyer refuses to accept the shipment in 1st or 2nd attempt to deliver the shipment;

    2. Address not found despite 2 attempts to deliver the shipment; or

    3. Buyer asks to hold the shipment for more than 7 days.

  2. In the event we receive a request from you or the Buyer to hold the Shipment for onward delivery to the Buyer, we may do so only for a maximum period of 7 days from the date of last attempt to deliver the Shipment subject to availability of space in our hub. We may in our sole and absolute discretion accept or decline your or the Buyer's request to hold the Shipment for delivery at a future date. In case we decline your or Buyer's request to hold Shipment, we will consider the said Shipment as an undelivered shipment and arrange for return of the Shipment to you.

  3. In certain exceptional scenarios where the Buyer has entered wrong pin code or provided incorrect delivery address or delivery location is in a non-serviceable zone, i.e. where we are not able to deliver due to unforeseen circumstances or service unavailability, for such Shipments we will not attempt delivery to Buyer and the same will be deemed as 'RTO' and returned to you.

II. Return of undelivered Shipment to you:

  1. Despite our reasonable efforts to deliver the Shipment to the Buyer, in some cases, there may be a delivery failure for various reasons, including without limitation, Buyer refuses to take delivery of the Shipment, Buyer is unavailable at the delivery address to receive the Shipment, Buyer does not have enough cash to make payment for the Shipment, Buyer is not reachable at the time of delivery, or requests for future delivery attempts, and includes the reasons mentioned in (I) above. For the purposes of this Policy, such undelivered shipments or returned to origin shipment are referred to as 'RTO'.

  2. We will return the shipment to you on an 'as is' basis i.e. in the same condition as it is received by us from the third-party logistics service providers or Udaan Express. We will check the shipment for any tampering or damage to the outer box. If the outer box in our reasonable opinion appears to be not damaged or tampered with, we will label such shipment as 'QC pass'. Any shipment which in our reasonable opinion is found to be tampered with or damaged will be labelled as 'QC fail'.

  3. We will endeavor to deliver the RTO irrespective of QC pass and QC fail, to you on or before 10.00 PM of the 50th day from the Pick-Up Date for food related products. It is clarified that shipment in scan date (i.e. date when we pick up the shipment from you to be delivered to the Buyer) will be considered as day '0' ("Pick Up Date"). In case of any delay in delivery of shipment to you due to any force majeure event or reasons beyond our reasonable control, the timelines mentioned here shall stand extended and we will endeavor to update and send you communication along with the updated timelines for delivery of the RTO.

  4. In case of non-food product(s) irrespective of QC pass and QC fail, once the status has been updated to RTO on the Platform, we will endeavor to deliver the undelivered shipments to you within 15 (fifteen) days from the date the shipment was marked RTO on the Platform. In the event, we fail to deliver the undelivered shipments to you within the aforementioned timelines, you may raise a request with us on the Platform to check the status. We will respond to you with a status update within seven (7) days from the date of receipt of your query and update you about the extended timelines (if any). In case of any delay in delivery of shipment to you due to any force majeure event or reasons beyond our reasonable control the timelines mentioned here shall stand extended and we will endeavor to update and send you communication along with the updated timelines for delivery of the RTO.

  5. If you have availed warehousing services from us, the manner and process in which the undelivered shipment would be returned to you will be as per the warehousing returns policy. You can access the warehousing returns policy here.

  6. You or your representative while accepting the delivery of RTO will be required to sign and attach seal of your company/ LLP/ firm, as the case maybe, on the proof of delivery ("POD"). If you find the shipment to be damaged or tampered with or not in a good condition, please write on POD and get in touch with our customer support to raise your concern or grievance within seventy-two (72) hours from the receipt of delivery of RTO.

  7. Any POD without your or your representatives' signatures and seal of your company/ LLP/ firm will not be considered while investigating into and validating the claims raised by you.

  8. Please take note that if it is found that you write on the POD for every RTO shipment received by you 'damage/doubtful/tampered', irrespective of whether such shipment is damaged, tampered or has a label 'QC pass' or 'QC fail' or not, then we will consider such concern raised by you as null and all such claims will be rejected. Our decision in this regard shall be final and binding on you. At the time of receiving the RTO, please keep in mind the following:

    1. We do not provide any open box delivery to anyone;
    2. You will not detain our field executive for any reason whatsoever;
    3. You will clearly mention about any tampering, pilferage, or damage to the shipment on POD at the time of receiving the RTO from us and immediately raise your concerns on the Platform within the timelines mentioned above.
    4. Our executive will not wait for more than 10 minutes at your premises.
    5. Our executive may ask you to open your Shipment in case you write on the POD that the RTO is tampered or damaged to validate your claim.
  9. You are bound to accept the delivery of RTO. However, if you refuse to accept delivery of the RTO or if your shop is closed, we shall make a maximum of two (2) more attempts to deliver the RTO to you within seven (7) days from the date of first attempt. Our team will contact you to arrange for delivery of the RTO. Please take note that we will keep such RTO at the hub for total period of 10 days and we will do a maximum of three attempts to deliver such RTO.

III. Refusal to accept RTO:

If despite reasonable efforts from our end to deliver the RTO to you, you refuse to take delivery of the RTO or we are unable to deliver the RTO, you agree and acknowledge that we shall be entitled to move the RTO to our liquidation hub and liquidate or dispose off such RTO in any manner as we may deem fit in our sole discretion. We shall not be liable to refund the invoice value for the said shipment or pay any money received from liquidation of such shipment to you. We shall not entertain any claims brought by you with respect to such RTO and you agree that you shall not be entitled to receive any money or amount that we may receive from liquidation of such RTO.

IV. Claims Process:

  1. You can raise your grievances/ concerns with respect to the RTO within seventy-two (72) hours from receipt of delivery of the RTO to you, failing which the RTO shall be deemed as accepted by you without any damage or fault. Any grievances/ concerns received from you beyond the aforesaid timeline shall not be entertained by us.

  2. For non-food products, if the status on the Platform shows 'in transit' beyond a period of 21 days from the Pick Up date, you may raise a request for status update on the platform. We will endeavor to respond to you within 7 (seven) days from the date of receipt of your query and update you about the extended timelines (if any).

  3. You will need to raise your concerns/ grievances with respect to the RTO directly to our customer support. You can contact our customer support through the chat available on the support section on the Udaan app or use our customer support number or email us at [email protected] We will endeavor that your issue is resolved within 7 days from the date of escalation.

  4. Upon receipt of your complaint or dispute on the Platform, our returns dispute team will get in touch with you to resolve your concerns or disputes in accordance with our internal policies as may be amended and communicated to you from time to time. Please take note that only claims for such Shipments that meet our packaging guidelines (https://udaan.com/packing-guidelines) will be entertained.

  5. You agree to co-operate with us while investigating into the claim raised by you and provide us necessary documents or information which we may require to investigate into the issue or concern raised by you within forty-eight (48) hours from requesting such document/ information. You further agree that our decision with respect to the investigation shall be final and binding on you.

  6. We may require certain documents/ information from your end in support of your claim, at the time of raising a claim or post submission of your claim. These documents/proof in support of your claim may, include without limitation:

    1. Unpacking/ normal video clip indicating the issues in the RTO. The video clip needs to capture all sides of the package, return ID, AWB number, shipping label, quantity of the returned product, damages in the Product, IMEI number (in case of smartphones), any tampering with the outer box etc. We may also ask for the CCTV footage of the unpacking video;
    2. Copy of the invoice raised by you to the Buyer;
    3. Images of the damaged / wrong product received. Images capturing all the sides of the product needs to be provided;
    4. Packing video (CCTV footage) of the Order when it was being prepared to be shipped to the Buyer, if required.
    5. For mobile phones and smartphones:
      • Image of the packet id on the flyer received;
      • IMEI number of the missing/damaged smartphone or wrong smartphone received;
      • GST invoice copy of the Products raised to the Buyer.
    6. Upon receipt of your claim and necessary documentation in support of your claim, we will investigate internally and endeavor to resolve your dispute within five (5) days of receipt of dispute. If your claim is approved, we will initiate refund for invoice value of RTO within 3 (three) working days from the date of such approval. In case you have received a wrong or damaged product, you may contact our customer support and we will arrange for pick-up of the Shipment within ten (10) days of delivery of RTO to you. If you fail to provide the Shipment to us, your claim shall be deemed to have been resolved and we shall not entertain any further claims against such RTO.
  7. We reserve the right to reject your dispute, if we in our opinion become suspicious or become aware of any misuse of this Policy or the Platform by you or where you are marked as a "Flagged Seller". For the purposes of this Policy, Flagged Seller shall mean to include:

    1. any Seller that misuses the Platform in any manner whatsoever;
    2. any Seller who disputes frequently, where such disputes are found to be non-genuine or suspicious; and/or
    3. any Seller who has been found to be in non-compliance of the Terms and other returns policies that may be communicated to the Seller, from time to time.

V. RTO Claims Policy

  1. Random Audits by the hub or security team will be carried out at your premises If any non-compliance to any of our policies or any other kind is found we may reject future claims from you and may recover any amount processed as refund before.

  2. Random QC of the shipments might be done during transit of the shipment.