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Mobile and Accessories Wholesale

One of the most important gadgets that we use every day is a mobile phone. It is a part of our modern routine. At present, users demand more functionality from their devices. It helps them gain access to advanced features and capabilities using just their phones. The functioning of a phone can be dramatically enhanced with the use of a phone accessory.

Just like our phones, there are many electronic gadgets that makes our lives simpler and better. However, to make the most of advanced functionality, the selection of the right accessory is essential. At udaan, we offer almost all types of wholesale mobiles and electronic gadgets.

So, you can shop for these accessories from us in bulk. Owing to their high demand, you will never have to make an additional effort to increase the sales. Customers regularly need these accessories and gadgets. So, they are always in the market looking to buy them.

Mobile accessories and electronic gadgets

At udaan, we offer almost every type of accessory or gadget that a consumer may needs. So, when you shop for electronic devices or mobile accessories wholesale, we recommend including all of these in your order. Some of the top accessories that you can find on udaan’s website or mobile application are:

Mobile accessories

• Headphones

• Earphones

• Mobile cables

• Mobile charger

• Mobile repairing tool

• SIM Cutter

• Mobile stand and holder

• Memory card

• Mobile case and cover

• Screen guard

• Tempered glass

• Mobile body panel

• Mobile battery

• Power bank

• Selfie stick

• Camera battery

• Stylus


• Portable and mobile speaker

• Home audio speaker

• Music receiver

• Karaoke mics and player

CCTV and security devices


• CCTV cable


• Spy camera

Mobile spare parts

• Glass

• Connector

• Jack

• Camera lens

• On or off flex

• Pin

• Ringer

• IC

• Microphone

Other electronics

• Scanner

• Webcam

• Biometric sensor

• Projector

• Smart bands

• Watches

• Tablets

Pen drives and storage devices

• Pen drive

• Memory card



• OTG Pen drive

Camera and accessories

• Camera battery

• Camera lens

• Camera battery charger

• Camera flash

• Camera

• Camera cleaning kit

• Lens hood

Home appliances

• Electric kettle

• Geyser

• Hand blender

• Immersion rod

• Pop up toaster

• Tandoor and grill

• Room heater

• Weighing machine

Why you should shop from udaan

Order wholesale phone accessories or electronic gadgets wholesale from udaan and enjoy:

• A wide selection of products at best prices

• Credit facility

• Quick doorstep delivery

• Secure digital payments

• Easy returns

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