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Fashion Accessories Wholesale

Both men and women love wearing fashion accessories. The accessories can enhance the overall look and appeal of any clothing. Given their vast popularity, we source fashion accessories wholesale in bulk. You can also shop for them in large volumes from us. As their demand is high, you will not have to make an additional effort to boost the sales of these accessories.

Essential accessories for men and women

When you shop for fashion accessories wholesale, you can include a good combination of the vital accessories for both men and women. A few accessories that you can include in your order are listed below:

For men
o Caps and hats
o Wallets
o Men bracelets

For women
o Hair accessories, like hair clips, pins, ties, hair bands and hair extensions
o Belts
o Bags

Common accessories like sunglasses and luggage bags are also in high demand among both men and women.

A few of the famous wholesale fashion jewellery accessories that you can shop for include:

• Caps
• Wallets
• Belts
• Sunglasses
• Hair extensions
• Watches
• Fashion jewellery

As these are high in popularity, stocking them in bulk can be a good idea.

What all can you find with us?

On udaan’s online marketplace, when we source women’s and men’s accessories in wholesale, we include all varieties. So, anything that is popular among people can be easily found on udaan. Some such things include:

o Fashion jewellery

• Earrings
• Necklace set
• Necklace
• Bangles
• Mangalsutra
• Pendant set
• Bracelets
• Armlet
• Bridal set
• Men finger rings
• Women finger rings
• Anklet
• Women broach
• Nose ring
• Toe ring
• Rakhi Thali
• Rakhi

o Caps

• Sports cap
• Woollen cap
• Beanies
• Monkey cap
• Muslim cap
• Snapback cap

o Bags and wallets

• Laptop bags
• Backpacks
• School bags
• Sling bags
• Lunch bag
• Gym bag

o Belts

• Formal belts
• Double-stitched belts
• Reversible belts
• Braided belts
• Studded belts
• Embellished belts

o Sunglasses

• Square frames
• Wayfarer
• Aviator
• Round frames
• Oval frames
• Rectangular frames

o Hair accessories

• Hair clip and pins
• Hairbands and ties
• Hair jewellery
• Hair extensions

o Watches

• Analogue watch
• Digital watch
• Couple watch
• Kids watch
• Chronograph watch
• Smart analogue

o Luggage

• Trolley bags
• Suitcases
• Duffle bags
• Hiking bags
• Rucksacks

o Men’s jewellery

• Men bracelets
• Men finger rings
• Men earrings
• Men broach

Why you should shop from udaan

You can shop for women and men’s accessories in wholesale from us because with us you can find a good selection of accessories. As we source the accessories directly from the wholesalers, the prices are quite affordable. You can place your order either via the mobile app or directly through udaan’s website. If you need to buy in high quantities, you can use our credit facility. Irrespective of what you order, we will ensure that you get quick doorstep delivery. If there is any problem with the quality of the delivered order, you can return the products with our ‘easy returns’ facility.

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