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Home Furnishing Wholesale

For almost everyone, home is the most important place. It is where they live with their loved ones. We all desire to live in a beautiful home. Simply adding a few touches here and there can enhance the beauty of a home. It can be done with the use of the right home furnishing products. This justifies the high demand for home furnishings. It is for this reason why we source home furnishing wholesale in bulk.

Why should you buy home furnishing products?

You should shop for home furnishings wholesale because it is something that your customers love. Two important reasons why customers like to have a variety of home furnishings are:

It gives the home a new look-and-feel

One of the best ways to give your home a new look altogether is by redecorating it. There are several ways to do this. You can pick from different interior design styles, such as rustic and contemporary, to give your home a unique and beautiful appeal.

Home décor makes a home inviting for the guests

People like to have their family and friends over to relax and unwind. So, for that purpose, one needs to use attractive home furnishings. The choice of the right furnishings can bring a sense of warmth and calmness.

How can you pick the best home furnishings?

As a retailer or a shopkeeper, if you want to pick the best home furnishings, we would recommend you to think like your customers. Here are some tips that may help.

Focus on the basics

Opt for fabrics, which do not stain easily and are simple to clean. Of course, customers may have different colour preferences, but it is the neutral tones, which are always bestsellers.

Consider the space

The available space may vary from one house to another. Thus, it is best to include furnishings, keeping this aspect in mind.

Some of the most popular home furnishings that are available on our online marketplace include:

• Bedroom linen
• Bathroom linen
• Blinds
• Curtains
• Floor linen
• Home furnishing fabrics

Different sub-categories available

At udaan, we source home furnishings directly from home furnishing suppliers. So, we have home furnishings in almost every category available. Some of them include:

• Bedsheet or topsheets or fleece
• AC Comforter
• Pillow cover
• Bed cover
• Pillows
• Cushions
• Blind and curtains
• Table cover
• Washing machine cover
• Fridge cover
• Carpet
• Diwan set
• Sofa cover
• Mosquito net
• Mattress protector
• Carpets
• Runner
• Rugs
• Mats
• Flooring rolls
• Chatai

Why you should shop from us

You can shop for home furnishings from us because we source them directly from the home furnishings wholesale supplier. So, with us, you get:

o Wide selection of furnishings
o Credit facility on bulk purchases
o Quick doorstep delivery
o Easy returns

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