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Delhi, Delhi
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ISPACE Polyester Leaf Print Door Curtains, IWS-CTD-14A
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Design / Pattern
Leaf Print
Curtain Size
7 Ft
Royal Blue
Blinds and Curtain Type
Door Curtains
212 cm
122 cm
Pack of
Set of 2
Country of Origin

ISPACE Door Curtain is an ornament makes certain to add a sprinkle of shading to your room in a split second. It doesn't simply add character to your room, yet additionally keeps equilibrium in lighting. An adorable curtain can represent the moment of truth the appearance of the room so while choosing one, know about the topic you wish to go for your room. A lively shade which can be layered or have a smooth completion makes the space inviting. THE RIGHT BALANCE OF PRIVACY AND LIGHT Smartly blocking all sunlight flowing into your room, while still providing privacy. ISPACE Panels keep your spaces bright and cheerful without worrying about visibility from outside. Latest patterns and styles that spruce up your doors by adding both excellence and tastefulness. Made of 100 % excellent delicate satiny like polyester, they are pleasant thick material to have an incredible effect in impeding daylight entering the entryway. With extraordinary worth, they carry a relaxed present day style to your French entryways.